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/ˈˌself ˈmād/


having become successful

or rich by one's own efforts.

"a self-made thug lives by the rules of his or her own

morality, no one or nothing can make them fold"




more than just street apparel. we identify the real ones,

we salute each other when the emblem is worn SMT


 no love for the weak 

spring collection 3-20-19


 artist bio 

WHAT UP world! SMT FAMILY on the RISE!! 🤲🏿 


 I go by the name of QUAINE aka LEGENDARY QUAINE.

We've all heard the stories, ordinary guys doing extraordinary things, urban HOOD legends defying expectations. Every time those stories are told, I'm reminded of my own.


IT took a while for me to understand how much we as a community have to deal with just by existing. I dont mean just us, but all of us who had to struggle, all of us who don't ever give up, all of us who take risks and literally bet it all on US... just to make it. I WAS born and raised in the mean streets of Washington DC Just like many of you, I've overcame some rough terrain, tumultuous challenges and harsh obstacles. Most young black men face these conditions just as a part of growing up. I began to see our environment as an advantage, although we the cards dealt are designed for us to fail, I discovered that We also have a huge advantage, our mental toughness. Inside of one of America's wickedest societies I began to embrace the important parts of life and learned to how to reach other like minded individuals, we share certain values and morality that makes us familiar.


That's why I chose to put emphasis on God & family through my Art, my Music. I could have fell for the trap, and just trap... but I want everyone who identifies with me to look at similar narrative and get inspired. I know that plenty of motivations exist, I know that everyday a rapper tries to "motivate" with cars and jewelry, but I want to celebrate our daily victories with my $MT brand. I want us to recognize each other as we choose a path designed by us. that's why my designs are a symbol of perseverance and trust. Join the SMT family. No love for the weak, all love for the real.




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